A boat trip in Salento

The fantastic sea of Salento

The night is still high, but the sea is very calm, and a huge moon illuminates the beautiful sea off Otranto. The challenge is getting to Gallipoli in one day: almost impossible. I promised him to Giulio as a gift for maturity. ‘Dad let’s go on a boat trip,’ he said, and a promise must always be kept.

Giulio is still sleeping as he takes the rope from the mooring, but he feels he cannot wait for the adventure to begin. Silence is absolute, we can only hear the rinsing of water. In the distance, we admire the illuminated Aragonese castle that looks like a postcard.

Then, calling her a boat is an understatement, she’s a family member. Every year I took the children on holiday in Salento and we get La Poderosa. At night, I love to hear in the dark crash your halyard on the tree (that sound makes me sleep), to see the shooting stars lying in the bow; fall asleep and dream of La Poderosa sailing calmly with my children, everyone in the usual place. We left the port and while I’m at the helm, Giulio keeps telling me that he will first take the boat license and then the car license. I laugh but at the end I’m glad I have the same passion.

What a spectacle the sea of Salento! The lights of the coast seem to form a road made of stars and it is easy to follow it. The wind is in favour and the water just rippled, La Poderosa moves sinuously and pleasantly. Time flows in its own way when you’re in the middle of the sea, it’s like going back to the times of the first men, when there were no clocks but only the stars in the sky. Giulio whistles proud of being a sailor and suddenly shouts ‘The lighthouse!’ “Wow – I think – we are already in Leuca!” And it is dawn in no time.

I observe Giulio who lets himself be caressed by the wind and plays with water splashes … I do not know what life holds for him, if the storm or the peace, if the sun or the rain, but I know that, as in this day in direction Gallipoli, the important thing is to go, under full sail, continue to sail and enjoy the journey.

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