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A sea of things to see between Oltranto and Gallipoli

Those who choose holidays in Puglia between Oltranto and Gallipoli are never disappointed because it offers experiences suitable for everyone; the enchanting sea, white beaches and relaxation but also sports, culture and entertainment.
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Follow the red coral and you won’t go wrong

If you are planning a relaxing, fun, nature or art holiday, Salento is the right destination for you, where, in the charming towns of Otranto and Gallipoli overlooking an incredible sea, you will find our unique and elegant hotels and villas, cared for down to the finest detail.
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Two holiday ideas, the same quality

Whether you want the most elegant and historic holiday, or you want fun and pure entertainment, you will find unique quality in Gallipoli and Otranto: the red coral that distinguishes our splendid Luxury Hotels.
Gallipoli historic center

Treasures in the historic center of Gallipoli

All the things you must see in the Gallipoli Historic Center. The historic center of Gallipoli has many hidden treasures within its ancient walls, narrow alleys and whitewashed houses. There are buildings and structures, some ancient others more recent that are extremely interesting to visit and get to know and that will enrich your holiday.
gallipoli magic holiday

The Italian boy – a Gallipoli dream

A magic story about the mystery and the beauty you can find during your holiday in Gallipoli. John Martinucci arrived in Gallipoli late one September afternoon and he got the feeling that he had lived there all his life Indeed, he'd heard the town described thousands and thousands of times, in every last detail, by his father and aunt.
salento olive oil tasting

The olive tree, pride of Salento: myths, traditions, gastronomy

Salento olive trees and olive oil you should discover. There are many olive oil mills all over our countryside. In dialect we call them "trappiti", where you can see the processing procedure, which takes place from the end of September through the whole of Autumn, in person, and buy directly from the producer.
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A festive September

Lot of events in Gallipoli with fun and recreation. Salento is kissed by the sun and caressed by the wind, and even in September it offers great chances for fun and recreation, like excursions, feasts, town celebrations and concerts. Gallipoli is the centre for night life in Salento, from the promenade to the Castle, from the historic centre to the island of Sant'Andrea, it is all a sight to be admired.
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Gallipoli by night: magic under the moonlight

Discover the magic of Salento summer nights, visiting Gallipoli. In the hot, very hot summer nights, the sea at sunset is often the only possible relief from the heat, and it is also a source of relaxation. Simply strolling along the seafront under the moonlight transmits a sensation of great well-being.
pizzica traditional dance

“Aria gaddhipulina”… the excitement of the pizzica dance

The pizzica, famous and charming traditional dance of Salento. These are the verses of one of the most well-known and most popular pizzica dances, dedicated to Gallipoli and its beautiful women: "Aria gallipolina sing sing, for those who do not know how to sing are listening.
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VIPs love Salento

Gallipoli and other places where you can see VIPs in Salento. “Sarà che ballano sta pizzica sta pizzica” sings Biagio Antonacci, but VIPs love Salento, and of all its beautiful places, Gallipoli especially. It you were to make a list of all the artists, actors, directors, and singers who have passed through here to enjoy all the delightful locations, it would go on and on.
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