The night is young: fun and music in Gallipoli

Welcome to the heart of the Salento night life: Gallipoli, music and fun.

If you are young inside, Gallipoli night life is the right thing for you! During the day you can visit the architectural splendours that so delight instagrammers. You can rest during the hottest hours around mid-day in a cool bar sipping almond milk (taking selfies, be honest!) Or you can cool off and get yourself the perfect tan on our beaches. During the night, after supper, you can let your free spirit out and let yourself go to great fun.

Let’s begin, dear night-crawlers, from the discos. Many people come to Gallipoli every summer from all the region to dance in our discos, some of which are open all year round, others only for the summer in our resorts, for the joy of the tourists. The Samsara is one of the most trendy at the moment, then there’s the Praja and the Zen.

They are worthy competitors of the more famous Romagna Riviera discos. Our ones mix historic locations and architectural beauties with the wild rhythm and thrill of the night. We are talking about the Première, for example, where the aesthetic attention to detail is equal to the one for music. Inside, it has a large space dedicated to design. It has a fusion restaurant and a Mediterranean garden with pine trees, fat plants and many small fountains and designed courses of water. We also suggest the Rio Bo’ fashion club on the sea front. It is only open in summer and its musical programming hosts high level DJs and themed events. This location is also very evocative. It is located inside a 17th century restructured Masseria with lots of vegetation, swimming pools and terraces so you can feel the full allure of Salento and its night life at the same time.

Then there is a very particular place that attracts hundreds and thousands of spectators every year with its national and international events. Often tourists set their holiday calendar around these events even: it is the Gondar Park. Enormous, rebellious, everyone talks about it, many envy it. It is one of the biggest concert spaces south of Rome. Are you curious enough to want to discover the joy of living unique emotions all night long together with thousands of other people? Here are only a few of the events in program (but they are continuously updated) for the summer of 2017: J-AX and Fedez, the most famous Italian rappers today; Moderat, leading figures on the international electronic music scene; Alvaro Soler the Spanish king of summer earworms, and… wait for it… Sean Paul, directly from the dreams of many fans, famous Italian singer-songwriters, etc. and lots more: This is truly the home of music. Keep up to date with all the events on the official Park website… you’ll be surprised!

There’s something for everyone! Come and discover how young the ‘gaddhripudina’ night is!

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