Salento and its waters

Discovering the Valle dell’Idro

Right from your school days in Italy you are told that Puglia, and so Salento as well, is poor in water resources and we all grow up with this idea. But actually if we take a closer look we realise that in Salento there are lots of places that are rich in water, real natural wonders. The Valle dell’Idro in Otranto is one such place.
In the Otranto area there are, for example, the Alimini lakes or the lakes of Limini, vast splendid stretches of salty water surrounded by dense vegetation. Visitors flock there as well as fishing and rowing enthusiasts.

A dense network of streams and brooks that were once-upon-a-time rivers, runs parallel to the Otrantine coast, flowing towards the sea. This is how the Valle dell’Idro was born, taking its name from the ancient river Idro. In this fluvial valley there is a proliferation of typical Mediterranean scrub and agriculture is very developed, creating what is at once a unique and distinctive landscape. In the Valle dell’Idro there were once fresh water springs that carved out caves, home to wonderful examples of prehistoric rock art. The ancient, coloured cave paintings done on the megalithic rock walls, as well as sculptures dating to prehistoric times make the caves great places to visit.

The Valle dell’Idro is the ideal place to discover on foot or by bike. Just follow the course of the river at the foot of the castle of Otranto and let yourself be carried away by the beauty of nature, and on up to the Monte Sant’Angelo spring, a trip that’s both relaxing and fun at the same time. Who knows if along the way you mightn’t spot some cheeky foxes or even eagles up in the trees?

It is thanks to all this that our Relais Valle dell’Idro has its own unique and very special charm. Stylish yet fully respecting the rich history of their local area – these are the distinguishing features of all the first-class hotels within the ‘Luxury Hotels Gallipoli and Otranto’ group.

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