A very important… summer

VIP in Salento

Also, this year the worldwide success of Puglia brought famous people from all over the world to spend their holidays in Salento. Actors, directors, producers, musicians, stylists, politicians, professionals of world renown, are enchanted by the beauty of the Salento sea and the tranquility of the sunny countryside, that can keep them away for a while from the chaos and the paparazzi. Some take refuge in farms and hotels, others moor with yachts off Gallipoli, Otranto, and Leuca.

Many of them fall so much in love with Salento that they also choose to establish their home here, and who could blame them. Do you want some names?

During this summer we welcomed: Ronald Owen Perelman, owner of Marvel, along with Jon Bon Jovi, Camille Gottlieb, princess of Monaco, Natalia Bush and actor Jason Lewis. Many rich entrepreneurs came from the East to admire our beaches, many Italian VIPs chose the beaches of Gallipoli: Alessandra Amoroso, Giorgia, Emma Brown, Luca Argentero, Gianni Morandi … and the list goes on!

The presence of famous people shows that Salento is a unique place, with a wonderful landscape but above all with a great sense of hospitality and respect for visitors. We know how to pamper with kindness, warmth, and good food. Those who come to Salento cannot remain indifferent.

Meryl Streep, Francis Ford Coppola, John Malkovich, Helen Mirren and many others who have given themselves a corner of paradise, taking farms, historical residences as summer residences, know this well. Some have also started up with agricultural and catering businesses. Because Salento enters your bones and changes you, with its magic.

Famous people never travel alone. Where there is one, more come. With word of mouth the tourist presence in Salento grows year by year, bringing prestige to our land. TV and cinema choose Salento as a location for films of international productions.

In our hotels, every guest is a VIP. We reserve the best services for each of you: the most beautiful and well-kept rooms, every kind of comfort and relaxation in the setting of a beautiful Mediterranean landscape, the hospitality and skill of our team, a high-quality cuisine, fresh, good, and inviting. Do you also want to experience a yacht tour to dive in the open sea? We will arrange it for you! Are you looking for a moment of total relaxation and refreshment? Lose yourself in our wellness centre! Do you want to take pictures of the most beautiful beaches in the world? The sea is a short distance from our hotels and can be admired from our terraces. Because everyone, on holiday, deserves to be treated like a prince and a princess.

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