Walking through the historic centre of Otranto

Visit the gateway to the East

The history of Otranto can be uncovered in the beauties of its ancient village. Time seems to have stopped in this place that embraces the sea. The city has the shape of a semicircle around the small port, once a destination for merchants, travelers and even invaders. Salento has always had to face other peoples and its greatest treasures originate from the mixture.
The whole village is enclosed by the ancient walls, so that everything appears as it must have been centuries ago. The small streets are linked with each other hosting small shops and restaurants, in an explosion of life and colours.

Like all Mediterranean cities, the city of Otranto is built around three important places: the castle, the square, the church. The Castle Charles V is in a strategic position, overlooking the sea, impressive and harmonious thanks to the round towers. Now a museum, it is one of the most important art places in Puglia and hosts international exhibitions each year, as well as a permanent exhibition on the history of Otranto.
The Cathedral of Otranto is one of the largest and most beautiful in the region. Built in Romanesque style, the architectural style that the whole world envies and admires, still preserves frescoes and mosaics of enormous value. It is also nice to walk along the promenade from which, at sunset, you can admire its beautiful colours and, along with the wind, you can breathe all the scent of the sea.
Heading from the castle to the sea, you can discover one of the most characteristic and magical corners. Suddenly, as if by magic, the magnificent ancient door, appears from a little street, which now has the sky as its roof. In this small corner you can admire the architectural beauty and the beauty of the sea at the same time.

Walking through Otranto, you can understand well why in the past many have tried to conquer it.
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